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Desde 438.000,00 €
Superficie entre:
82.39m2 y 165.67m2
, 2, 3, and 4 
, 3, and 2 


Flats are located at Perchel. Off plan new construction Malaga coty with 2,3 and 4 rooms.
Expected delivery date second quarter of 2017.


- The foundation is made of features with reinforced concrete. The choice of wall constructions depends on the features of the area, the morphology of the land and the current regulations.
- Reticulate party floors, according to the CTE DB-SE “Structural Safety”. Flat slabs of reinforced concrete in ramps formation.
-Exterior enclosures is a cavity wall with solid perforated brick in the outer side, busbar system with mortar and dry partition walls, -pladur system- in the inner side, with thermal insulation with Lana de roca or glass fibre according to CTE DB-HE “Energy saving”.
- Division properties with ½ thick perforated brick foot and double brickwork self-supporting –pladur typ - and sound isolation, according to CTE DB-HR “Sound protection”.
- Interior distribution walls in the interior houses by means of dry partition walls with panels of 15 mm.
-When it comes to kitchen and bathrooms, dry partition walls will be hydrofuged
Thermal and acoustic isulation in exterior enclosures of houses by means of glass wool fiber according to
CTE DB-HE “Energy saving”.
Waterproof Roofs and Terraces with asphalt fabric, according to CTE DB-HS “Healthiness”. Covers of houses which are thermal insulated with polystyrene panels, according to CTE DB-HE “Energy saving”.
- The inverted waterproof roof is made up of asphalt cloth with thermal insulated and made of extruded polystyrene with a gravel finish or ceramic walls in case of terraces or porches.
- In compliance with the Technical Code for New Buildings, DB-SU “Safety of use”.
- Plaster false ceiling in Kitchens, Bathrooms, toilets, lobbies, distributors and corridors.
- Garnished and coated with plaster “a good vision” in the rest of roofs of houses.
- A movable false ceiling for the air conditioning machine in the ceiling of the secondary bathroom.
- Rendering with cement mortar above exterior enclosures of houses.
- Tiling with upmarket stoneware tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
- Exterior decorated veneer on wall with pieces of high resistance stoneware.
- Inner tiled floor with floating floor of natural wood, stratified with thick top layer of selected precious wood
- Stairs wrapped with platforms of natural wood in penthouses.
- Kitchen,bathroom and toilet, tiled floors with stoneware tiles of ceramic.
- The paviments of porchs, terraces and the tiled floors will be non-slip ceramic flooring tiles for outer surfaces, according to CTE.
- Parking plot and cellar continuous floor of smoothed concrete. .- - - Coping of natural stones in doorstep and thresholds.
- Main entrance door at home, Reinforced front door with security lock with three points and door hinge
- 2 - - 2 -
- Interior walls and ceilings laquered fabric.
- Living room and kitchen doors, with clear glass.
- Fittings are finished in stainless steel.
- Built-in wardrobes monoblock, lined with middle shelf and hanging rod.
- Walk in closet lined with melanine table.
- Outdoor woodwork with PVC profiles, not only sliding but also fitted according to CTE DB-HE “Energy saving” and DB-HR “Sound protection”.
- Double glazing with thermal and acoustic aisolation in all the reliance housing.
- A compact raised vault and roller shutters of aluminium slats in all the bedrooms.
- Inner cold and warm water installation with copper piper or cross-linked polyethylene, according to CTE DB-HS
- Warm water provided by heat pump with eMix system, according to DB-HE “Energy saving”
with electric heater support in each house.
- Sanitary wares of vitrified porcelain, chrome-plated joystick taps.
- Water intake and sewers for washing maschine and dishwashers.
- Independent stopcocks in humid rooms and general stopcock.
- Exterior water inlet in backyard, terrace and solarium.
- High electrical installation, according to the existing standards of Ministry of Industry.
- TV and telephone points in kitchen, livingroom and bedrooms.
- Needed suply for access to the wire television services.
- Electronic video doorman.
-Inside the houses, the ventilation is produced by the mechanical ventilation system n interior de viviendas, la ventilación será mediante sistema de ventilación mecánica, according to the CTE DB-HS ““Healthiness””, with extractors on roof, micro ventilation integrated in carpentry and the humidity sensitive extract units on the roof of bathrooms and kitchen.
- Air conditioning installation by means of a pipe with heat pump multisplits. inverter System.
- As for interior surfaces, it will apply for plastic and plain paint in vertical surfaces.
- As for horizontal surfaces and plasterboard ceilings in kitchen and bathrooms, it will apply for white plastic paint.
- As for exterior surfaces, it will apply for stone-effect paint.
EXTERIOR and other:
- automatic garage door
- Lifts for cars
The developer reserve the right for any modifications that might occur during construction

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