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After 2 years of impatient waiting, we return MIPIM !!, KINOS GROUP and its International representatives Margarita Morales & CEO Joaquin Morales will be present during the event to be held in Cannes -France on March 18-24, 2022


Promoted by Meridiana, public institutions such as the Malaga City Council, Extenda and more than 50 private companies of reference in the sector. The Spanish Pavilion is the strategic place at MIPIM for investors and companies interested in developing their business in Spain and companies interested in developing their business in Spain.
A privileged space of 101m2 in the heart of the Palace, very close to the rest of the the rest of the Iberian stands. The pavilion is in a strategic location, in an area of concentration and with much higher visitor traffic. Over the last few years, the Real Estate sector has grown by leaps and bounds in our country, and today, all those key players for the transformation of the sector are at MIPIM.
MIPIM is the meeting place for all professionals who seek to improve day by day and expand the Spain brand in all corners of the world. For this reason, every year we promote, together with different public institutions and private companies, different institutional events in the Spanish Pavilion that allow us to review the current affairs and trends of the Spanish market.
The Spanish Talks at MIPIM 2022 will review all the news and trends of the Spanish market, through the opinion of industry experts who are increasingly adopting a citizen-centered approach to make Spanish cities sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view. The program responds to and expands on Spain’s core strengths, using growth, talent, connectivity, sustainability and city inclusivity as the foundation for a broader, collaborative discussion on the challenges inherent in maintaining and building the city’s global position to address critical urban issues.


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Year after year the market is understanding the importance of the fair as the best showcase for projects and companies in an industry that represents more than 11% of Spain’s GDP. More than 150 delegates from over 70 companies register with the Spanish Pavilion, including Investors, Developers, Consultants and Local Authorities such as Malaga City Hall, Extenda and Invest in Bilbao.

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