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Electro Depot will open its third business in Spain

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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Electro Depot, the low cost model of the French group HTM,
owned by the Mulliez family, already has a third location in Spain,
specifically in the Valencian Community. This is the development
that Alfafar Parc considers the development of the chain He
would have already signed the rental of land in addition to
initiating the necessary procedures to start the works.

Electro Depot landed in Spain on October 27, 2016 with two
practically simultaneous openings, in the towns of Alcalá de
Henares and Parla. The chain of the HTM group, owned by the
Mulliez family (Alcampo, Boulanger, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin,
Kiabi, among other brands), is characterized by maximum
possible austerity in the formulation of the store, trying to adjust
the operating costs as much as possible. and the prices and the
search always of places in the outskirts of big cities, as a rule in
commercial parks, and with dimensions that oscillate between the
1,500 and 2,000 m2.

Likewise, the chain had already announced through its website
and its RR.SS the search for different professional profiles in
order to contract for its new stores.