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Gravity Trampoline Parks prepares to expand in Europe

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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Gravity Trampoline Parks

The company targets a location between 15,000 square feet and
30,000 square feet in shopping centers, shopping centers and
entertainment complexes, according to Insider Media.

Harvey Jenkinson, CEO of Gravity, said: "We seek to partner
with owners and developers of major retail and leisure projects
and venues, and we see Gravity's offer as an integral part of the
overall leisure mix."

Gravity has locations in Xcape Yorkshire, Hull, Maidstone,
Glasgow and Kent. The trampoline company is a creation of
entrepreneurs Michael Harrison and Harvey Jenkinson. His first
park opened in February 2015 and he took £ 60,000 of advance
bookings in six weeks.

The company caters to a broad demographic group. Gravity has
added dedicated sessions for babies and parents, gymnastics
classes and specialized sessions for children with autism