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Max Premium Burgers will soon open its 2nd bar in Poland

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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Max Premium Burgers

It will be built at the junction of ul. Przywidzka and ul. Władysława Czermińskiego in Gdańsk. The outlet will include a drive-thru as well as 35 parking spaces and will be open before the summer of 2018. Max Premium Burgers also plans to open a restaurant in Warsaw, for which the company is awaiting a construction permit. "As a result of our rapid growth and our plans to invest in a series of concurrent projects in 2017, we have been actively seeking partners for our restaurants

As a company with many years of experience, we would like to start working with trusted partners. from the construction and assembly industries and launch bids for the job as soon as possible, "says Richard Bergfors, CEO of Max Premium Burgers.Max Premium Burgers plans to focus on developing in major cities over the next 5-7 years. The company plans to open up to six restaurants in Poland in 2018. It is also looking for franchise partners.For the next ten years, the company plans to open at least 200 restaurants in Poland, including franchises.

Also, Sweden's favorite burger restaurant chain is recognized as one of the pioneers of that country. Founded in 1968, its owners Curt Bergfors and Britta Andersson opened their first restaurant in Gällivare, in the northern part of Sweden. Their burgers became so popular that in two years they opened more restaurants. Soon after, Max settled down in several other cities in Norrland (the northern part of Sweden). Currently, the chain has 120 restaurants, approximately 5,400 employees worldwide and a turnover of 220 million euros.