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Neinver creates its first 'venture capital' fund for 'start ups'

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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Investor Information

The company, specialized in investment and management of real
estate assets, Neinver has set up a new venture capital and
private capital fund that aims to provide financial support to those
start ups whose development is still in an initial phase.

The new capital called Norte Ventures Capital, created by the
company, will execute the attention in all those companies of
recent creation that operate in Spain and in Europe. The group
would be studying the possibility of approaching the proptech,
which in Spain are represented by groups such as Housers, (owned by Aguirre Newman) or Propertista.

Norte Ventures Capital will be dedicated to gathering investors
and raising capital and, according to the company, it could take
up to six months to start its activity.

NEINVER is one of the leading companies specialized in
development, investment, real estate asset management and fund
management. Since its founding in 1969, NEINVER's activity has
revolved around the development, acquisition, commercialization
and management of a wide range of real estate products,
including business parks, industrial parks and retail assets. In the
last 18 years, NEINVER has developed more than 2 million
square meters of industrial projects, adapted to the needs of each