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Archidona locates Covirán industrial land for its logistics center.

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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The City Council of Archidona has approved industrial land of
300,000 square meters of land adjacent to the hamlet of Huertas
del Río and at the exit of the A-92. This floor was awarded to the
Covirán cooperative in Granada, dedicated to food and drug
distribution, which will start its distribution center in the area.

The project of Covirán in Archidona will have its reason for being
in new technologies and industrial sophistication. Thus, the
complex will have a fully automated warehouse with an innovative
distribution system, optimization of resources and
competitiveness. All this will improve the services provided by the
cooperative to the more than 1,300 supermarkets that it has in
Andalusia and to the more than 7,500 Andalusian families that
work in the establishments.

Covirán is a retail cooperative dedicated to food distribution and
one of the most important companies in the Spanish and
Portuguese social economy. A company of Granada origin that
began its activity in 1961 and that has become a benchmark of its
sector in the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 3,270
supermarkets in Spain and Portugal.