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Joane Jerome 06/04/2014

Hallways and halls on whose walls hang works by contemporary artists such as Erik Parker or Todd James and in which the furniture is made up of original pieces from the mid-20th century modernist movement, such as a Charlotte Perriand buffet, will be the elements with those that a group of investors from Malaga wants to innovate in the capital of the Costa del Sol with luxury apartments that will open their doors for the summer of next year. Silvia Medina, director of the project, also advanced that this initiative is carried out in two contiguous buildings of about 2,000 square meters, baptized with the name of The Museum, apartments with art, located in the vicinity of the Plaza de la Merced. They will be accommodation establishments aimed at a tourist of high purchasing power, in which this group of investors from Malaga plans to allocate some five million euros.

There will be a total of thirty apartments, with a capacity for about 140 people. There will be from two rooms to studios. "Each accommodation will be a showroom, in which a pictorial artist that we will unveil will give life to the establishment, in which the furniture will mostly be original pieces of collector," explained Medina, who pointed out another of the singularities of this initiative and is If a client is infatuated with a painting or a piece of furniture or an object, he can even buy it. «There is a lot of passion for historical furniture. It is more this type of elements that are now being reissued, although the pieces that will make each room comfortable are original, "he said, to comment on the number of auctions in which this group is participating to furnish all rooms.

Although the list of authors will be extensive, these investors will start the project with works by Erik Parker, Todd James, Javier Calleja, Gloria Lomas, Santiago Ydáñez and Alex Katz. In the halls and rooms, the furniture will be by designers such as Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, Charles Eames, Marcel Breuer or Serge Mouille, said Silvia Medina.

The director of the project explained that all the details are taken care of and that even the lingerie will be at the height of that used in high-level hotels. "The objective is to break with the quality standards that are currently in the market of apartments in the city to be in the upper part and cover that segment of four stars superior," he said, to indicate that the apartments will have a reception service 24 hours a day and with other extras such as airport transfers with driver, massages or aesthetic treatment sessions, as well as making the purchase to the client so that he finds everything he needs to keep up with his rhythm of life. "We want to give a very personal, exquisite treatment, so that the tourist feels very welcome," he said.

The apartments will also have a common room on the ground floor of the buildings. In addition, within the concept of making these apartments a cultural space, it is foreseen that each one of them will have a library equipped with a hundred books focused on subjects such as art, design or architecture.

Medina pointed to art lovers and, in particular, to collectors as a potential audience of these unique establishments. However, he explained that the idea of ​​promoters is to position themselves in all markets. "We expect a good response from the national tourist, but we are convinced that most of the customers will be international," he said. This new tourist product will also be sold in the main travel portals such as Booking or Expedia. However, we will have to wait at least until the summer of next year to be able to stay in these museum apartments. "If everything goes according to plan, although in these things there are always many issues that can influence, the idea is to open next summer," he said.

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