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Mortgage through a real estate agency

Adriana Duran 06/04/2014

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Mortgage through a real estate agency

The bank is the owner and mistress of the mortgage offer, but not the only one that does business in this market. There are other actors that sell bank credit, among which are the real estate agencies. Most offer financial intermediation and some even have their own brand to seek credit from potential buyers of their flats. A department with which they provide a professional mortgage service and, usually, payment.

This alternative access to mortgages of financial institutions, however, is quite unknown and hence causes some distrust. Nothing is further from reality. This activity is regulated by a specific law since 2009 and controlled by the Consumer Institute of the Ministry of Economy.

Pau A. Monserrat, editorial director of the financial portal and former mortgage broker, as it is known to professionals of mortgage brokerage, praises the credit work of real estate. He explains that the rationale for his financial activity is to serve as a bridge between the apartment buyer and the banks, with which they have agreements. Just as real estate agencies look for and sell homes, their financial brands seek and sell credit.

Monserrat sees more advantages than disadvantages in accessing financing in this way. The first, the comfort and security of going hand in hand with an expert in the arduous task of signing a mortgage. It also highlights the time saving and, sometimes, the economic one. "These credit firms, whose agents know perfectly the entire mortgage offer, quickly find the product that best suits the client and get a prompt response to their loan request.In addition, by having agreements with several banks, they can even access more advantageous conditions than can be achieved by a single individual, "he says. In any case, it recognizes that "the usual thing is that the banks do not make special offers to these financial agencies".

Currently, this mortgage intermediation is still a very residual channel, as reported by Monserrat and it is clear from the financial statements. Kìron, leader of the sector, has mediated 1,130 loans in the first half of 2015. A figure that attests to the boom in this sector being 38% higher than in 2014.

DCredit also looks to the future with optimism. In recent years, the number of its firms has grown more than 25% each year. "We hope that this evolution, very good, will continue," says Castro. Among the challenges to be faced by this sector is undoubtedly to ensure that the home buyer sees this mortgage route as one more in the market.