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The Delin fund bets on Spain in its investment plan in logistics until 2019

Adriana Duran 06/04/2014

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The Delin fund bets on Spain in its investment plan in logistics until 2019

Spain is in the spotlight of international funds in all areas of real estate. Also in the logistics. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of the country in the investment plan of Delin Capital Asset Management (Dcam), which aims to develop 900,000 square meters of new logistics space in three major European markets: Holland, United Kingdom and Spain. In the domestic market, the firm aims for Madrid, where the logistics sector "offers an attractive opportunity for investors, as the domestic economy is recovering and the increase in consumer spending supports the rapid growth of ecommerce," says José Espinoza, director of development of Dcam in Spain.

For the time being, the company has identified a series of investment opportunities in the country that it expects to close soon. Dcam currently has three lines of business: a fund managed in 2012; an investment vehicle established with Blackstone last year for the purchase of existing assets; as well as a development fund. Only in Holland, the fund will invest 400 million dollars in the development of around 390,000 square meters of logistics spaces. Throughout Europe, Dcam has a portfolio of 580,000 square meters and has under construction the construction of 350,000 square meters more that will be added to the assets of the company.