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Estepona City Council awards the urbanization of a sector in Huerta Nueva

Adriana Duran 06/04/2014

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Estepona City Council awards the urbanization of a sector in Huerta Nueva

The City Council of Estepona has awarded the works for the urbanization of a sector of the neighborhood of Huerta Nueva, located next to the old Fire Station, for an amount of 110,307 euros. The works include the construction of a new road over 80 meters long that will have a double direction and where parking will be created on both sides of the road.

The works will also involve the creation of a sidewalk of three meters on each side. The new road that has been planned will connect the Ortega y Gasset and Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez roads, improving traffic flow in one of the most important neighborhoods in the city.

As is usual in the last actions of the City Council, these works will be carried out through the execution of a bank guarantee from developers who did not undertake their urban obligations when they built in this sector of the city. From the government team it is explained that they continue working to obtain those guarantees that, for decades, were pending execution in the city and that could have a value superior to four million euros.