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Matutes and Nadal sell a building in Entrecanales in the center of Madrid

Adriana Duran 06/04/2014

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Matutes and Nadal sell a building in Entrecanales in the center of Madrid

Mabel Real Estate, the company piloted by Abel Matutes Prats and Manuel Campos along with partners such as Rafa Nadal, has sold a building in the center of Madrid to the executive vice president of Acciona, Juan Ignacio Entrecanales.

The property is located in Monte Esquinza street, corner with Alcalá Galiano, and was acquired by Mabel Real Estate just a year and a half ago to rehabilitate it and build luxury homes.

The operation has been closed through Copenav, a company controlled by Entrecanales and in which its children, Juan Bosco, Lucía and Isabel Entrecanales appear as directors. The floors of this promotion will be for own use and the price of the operation could be around five million euros. The sale adds to the movements that Mabel has made in the last two years in the center of Madrid. In June of last year, the company took out a property in front of the Supreme Court to promote eleven luxury homes.