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Hacienda puts on sale one of its office buildings in Madrid

Juan Peñaloza 06/04/2014

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Hacienda wants to make cash with one of its buildings. The Public Prosecutor's Office has put on the market an asset of its own located at number 50 on María de Molina Street and covering 42,132 square meters.

The building, which has 400 parking spaces, is currently occupied by the information and registration area belonging to the State Department of Public Function, a body under the Ministry of Finance.

Officials will move provisionally to another asset under lease, according to the public body. The objective of the State is to achieve with the operation a sufficiently high amount that serves for "the construction of sufficient state real estate to amortize not only the new leases, but also other existing leases also intended to house administrative units".

All this would be carried out in land of public ownership that is distributed throughout the Spanish capital. The Treasury has not yet explained which formula will carry out the sale of the asset, which could go via public auction or as a direct transfer to a private investor, although it has already communicated with the most important real estate consultancies in