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Kinos , Private Equity Real Estate Acquisition / Disposition

Joaquín Morales Mérida 06/04/2014


Kinos , Private Equity

Real Estate Acquisition / Disposition

Kinos Group looking for investors, capital and provides advisory services for private equity and professional real estate sponsors. Efficient Equity’s international relationships and expertise across a broad swath of industry sectors makes our Private Capital and Real Estate Capital Advisory team well positioned to map out and implement a global effort for our clients. Utilizing our diversified and global institutional and private investor base, Kinos group Equity promises to bring you a limited number of exceptional quality sponsors on a consistent basis. Kinos has been involved with several fundraising transactions including: Buyout, Venture Capital, Distressed, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Animal Healthcare.

Our Investors of Private Capital and Real Estate Capital Advisory team will deliver timely advice leveraging our Asian experience, China industrial experience, M&A background and relationships across the globe. Kinos associates bring Asian market knowledge and proven expertise to our clients in ascertaining, valuing and negotiating the disposition or acquisition of large residential and commercial real estate backed assets.

The value and perceived value of Asian assets are directly influenced by a number of factors not the least of which is capital availability in said marketplace. Our understanding and ability to research in real time the Asian capital markets, provides a solid mix of investment sales, real estate sales and equity financing and long term Asian capital market knowledge.

We take a client centered approach and offer innovative solutions based on your needs, exit strategy and long term business goals in the region. We underwrite each investment opportunity such that market perceives in a favorable light and optimizes value to you. We also utilize internet and other modern marketing materials with the goal of increasing the value of your investment. Kinos also provides:

Alternative Real Estate, Infrastructure, Raw Materials and Timber Investments
Appraiser Search/Selection
Asset Acquisition/Disposition
Capital Flows Research
Corporate Real Estate Services
Custom Research / Reports
Hold / Sell Analyses
Independent Fiduciary Services
International Investment
Litigation Support
Market Cycle Analyses
China / Japan Market Feasibility Studies
Performance Measurement / Analysis
Asian Property Trends
Real Estate Asset Allocation
REIT Manager Search / Selection
Strategic Planning Services
Valuation Due Diligence
Workout / Restructuring